Classification of Solar Water Heaters

2022/11/03 10:13

As a representative of clean energy, solar energy has been widely used in industry, commerce, agriculture and people's daily work life, and solar water heaters have become the first choice for many families because of their energy-saving and power-saving qualities.

1、Vacuum tube rooftop solar water heater

Traditional vacuum tube solar water heater, through the sun's irradiation heat absorption, heating the water in the tube, hot water up cold water down, then open the water heater, the hot water will be free with gravity out.

2、Flat-plate rooftop solar water heater

Flat-plate rooftop solar, also known as solar flat-plate integrated machine, flat-plate rooftop machine. In terms of appearance, it is very similar to the traditional vacuum tube solar water heater, and also needs to be installed on the roof.

Flat-plate rooftop solar energy is a closed tank, which can realize the water under pressure, solving the problem that traditional vacuum tube solar energy sometimes has small water flow due to insufficient pressure.

3、Wall-mounted solar water heater

Wall-mounted solar energy can be installed in urban high-rise residential, is more popular in recent years, the new solar water heater.

The wall-mounted solar water heater adopts the split design of flat plate and water tank. The flat plate can be hung on the wall or installed through the wall to receive solar irradiation and convert sunlight energy into heat energy to heat the water in the water tank.