New Model Low Pressure Flue Type Instant Gas Water Heater

Product Feature:

1)Built in thermostatic chamber: neutralize the water temperature through the dynamic circulation of cold and hot water inside the thermostatic chamber to ensure that the outlet water temperature difference is less than 0.5 ℃

2)Low water pressure startup: memory alloy water flow sensor is adopted to realize the operation under the water pressure of 0.02MPa

3)Constant temperature of ± 1 ℃: the gas is controlled by the gas proportional valve to quickly realize constant water temperature, and the fluctuation range is controlled within ± 1 ℃

4)ECO energy saving mode: after eco energy saving mode is started, the machine will automatically operate according to the energy-saving heat load

5)Segmented combustion: three segmented fire combustion, automatic adjustment of fire exhaust combustion quantity, energy saving and gas saving

6)Multiple security: real time fault self-test, multiple protection functions such as over temperature, over pressure, leakage protection, shutdown protection, etc

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