What are the Benefits of Solar Water Heating?

2022/11/03 10:09

High energy efficiency

The main energy source of solar water heaters is sunlight, and in areas where there is sufficient sunlight, they can fully meet the water volume and temperature requirements of domestic hot water. Need to be partially heated by electricity to assist, but compared to the electric water heater relying entirely on electricity, energy efficiency is higher, compared to gas water heaters, will not use natural gas, in energy consumption can save a lot of money.

High safety

In terms of installation location, solar water heaters are installed on the roof in many places, and are also hung in places that cannot be touched by personnel, which makes it difficult for personnel to touch the solar water heater to avoid electrocution problems; in terms of energy, compared to gas water heaters, there is no emission of gas pollutants, and there is no carbon monoxide poisoning from inadequate combustion, and there is no danger of gas flash explosion; in terms of In terms of life, the life of solar water heaters in more than 10 years, the normal maintenance of the basic can be used to more than 15 years, while the life of electric water heaters for 8 years, gas water heaters for 6-8 years, even for the maintenance of these two types of water heaters, the internal parts are prone to aging, over the age of use is easy to produce safety accidents.

High energy and environmental friendliness

We know that the main source of heat conversion in water heaters need to rely on natural gas and electricity, while the main source of heat in solar water heaters lies in the sunlight irradiation, no harmful gas emissions, will not cause pollution to the environment, although a small amount of electricity will be used, electricity also belongs to clean renewable resources, therefore, solar water heaters are very high environmental protection, will not release more heat into the atmosphere, and It also does not release more heat into the atmosphere and increase the greenhouse effect.

Small geographic restrictions

With the continuous improvement of living standards and economic levels, electricity resources have basically been popularized, natural gas resources are still in the process of popularization, however, some remote mountainous areas, islands and even rural areas where transportation is not yet convenient, electricity is already a luxury, not to mention the problem of natural gas, these areas and the premise of economic conditions are not developed, the use of electricity and gas are consumables, there are some people can not afford The cost of electricity and gas consumption, if the installation of solar water heaters in these areas, can largely solve this problem, an investment, the use of 2-3 years of time to pay back, the investment capital can be quickly recovered, the quality of life can also be improved.