Four advantages of instant electric water heaters

2021/07/08 09:48

Instant electric water heater is a kind of water heater that can heat the flowing water through the internal electronic heating element within a few seconds, and can adjust its power, water temperature and flow rate. It is also very common in our daily life.

Advantages of instant electric water heaters:

1. Instant electric water heaters heat up extremely quickly and have a high heat conversion rate. Generally, they can provide users with hot water at a suitable temperature in a few seconds, which perfectly shortens the long time waiting for hot water.

The instant electric water heater adopts rapid heating technology, spirally heating gradually, increases the heating area in a limited space, and improves the heating efficiency. It only takes a few seconds to heat up immediately. There is no need to wait for a long time, and there is hot water when it is turned on. There is no time limit. In addition, the existing heat can also prevent water pollution caused by perennial water storage and endanger the health of family members. In addition, the living water bath can also provide more skin care.

2. Instant electric water heater is smaller in size. The installation space is shortened, and there is no need to fix with expansion screws with strong load-bearing capacity during installation.

Today's households are mostly small-sized. If a large area of household appliances is full, it will cause inconvenience and unsightly environment. Children and the elderly are likely to bump into each other. The instant electric water heater without water tank is suitable for all kinds of household environments and does not take up too much space. Even if it is installed in a small bathroom, it will not feel depressed.

3. Adjust the temperature before use, the electric water heater will maintain a constant temperature, heating while washing, do not worry about the temperature will be reduced due to excessive water output.

The temperature can be adjusted automatically in four seasons, 30-55℃ one-key constant temperature, set how many degrees, how many degrees of water output, especially convenient.

4. Instant electric water heaters do not need to be preheated during use time, which can reduce heat loss and reduce electricity expenses.

The spiral heater can effectively improve the heating efficiency, heating rate is faster, more energy-saving, and electricity-saving; the water inlet of the heating body adopts a pressurizing device to accelerate the water flow speed and reduce the generation of scale in the heating tube. Even if used for many years, the heating efficiency remains unchanged.

With so many advantages of instant electric water heaters, what about its safety? Using the intelligent cruise self-check mode, it can be on standby 24 hours a day, and the power can be cut off immediately if a leakage threat is found. To escort the bath, you can use it with complete peace of mind.