How to remove scale from solar water heaters?

2021/06/22 10:16

What should I do if the solar water heater has scale? Here is a description of the solution to the scale of solar water heaters.

1. White vinegar: Because the basic principle of white vinegar to remove scale is to use acid to chemically react with insoluble calcium, magnesium salt and alkali in scale to form soluble substances, and the composition of scale is that carbonate in water will combine with calcium and magnesium plasma. Together, they form calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate that are insoluble in water. The method of descaling is to drain all the water in the solar water heater first, then remove all the vacuum tubes, pour a certain amount of white vinegar into the vacuum tubes and soak for about 10 minutes, and use a brush to wash the bottom continuously, and just pass the water twice. , But it must be handled with care, the vacuum tube is very fragile.

2. Cotton cloth: With this method, the premise is to drain all the water in the water heater, and then remove all the vacuum tubes, use a long wooden stick, and tie a cotton cloth tightly with a cotton rope on one side. The size of the vacuum tube should be slightly larger than the inner diameter of the vacuum tube. It should not be too large. It is enough to feel a little resistance. Slowly pass through the vacuum tube, turn it in, and then turn it out. The vacuum tube should be filled with water, and finally rinse with water. That's fine, but this method is only suitable for water heaters with less scale.

3. Descaler: first open the inlet of the solar water heater, put the descaler of the solar water heater into the storage tank, turn on the thermal cycle for 20 to 30 minutes, so that the descaler solvent is completely dispersed to every corner. Then open the drain, drain the cleaning fluid, fill the water storage tank with water and circulate again for two minutes, finally drain the circulating water, rinse and remove the scale.

If it is a vacuum tube solar water heater for descaling, it is best to use up the water in the water heater the night before and turn on the flush the next morning, so that the vacuum tube will not heat up a lot. Afterwards, the descaling agent is best to choose a characteristic solution of dilute hydrochloric acid, and gloves should be worn during the flushing process to prevent the vacuum tube from suddenly breaking, scratching, or being burned. After rinsing, turn on the system to test the water. After ensuring that there is no problem, the rinsing work ends.