Storage Electric Water Heater DSY-50D30

Variable frequency heating;

Intelligent manipulation;

Water discharge;

Anti-electric wall protection;

First class energy efficiency;

Multiple safety protection

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Product Details

Variable frequency heating:

Home environment hot water demand 1000W / 2000W / 3000W three-speed heating power, free choice, energy saving, to meet different home environment hot water demand

Intelligent manipulation:

LED HD digital display, touch control + smart remote control, convenient manipulation, bathing life is in progress

Water discharge:

One button opens the water and disconnection mode, the bath time is separated, protect the safety of the whole family.

Anti-electric wall protection:

Equipped with professional power-fire protection systems, national security certification, intimate exclusion caused by safety hazards caused by environmental leakage

First class energy efficiency:

National level energy efficiency, hot water output rate reached 80%, 24-hour energy consumption coefficient ≤0.6, real home energy saving money help

Multiple safety protection:

Leak-proof, anti-dry burning, anti-super temperature, superpostation, etc., give family more comprehensive protection

Storage Electric Water Heater DSY-50D30

Storage Electric Water Heater DSY-50D30

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